Translation is my main field of expertise. I have more than 40 years' experience in the arts, in law, finance, tourism, oenology, and literature. All my services are tailored to your specific needs with individual follow-up to achieve the quality you are entitled to expect within the deadline agreed on. Your projects, large or small, are taken care of at competitive rates.

Quotes are communicated on the day requests for quotes are received. Proofreading, project management, vendor management, post-editing on request.

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Subtitling essentially means adapting dialogues to a readable format on screen within the technical constraints imposed by this medium, observing the rhythm of the dialogues and fashioning them to the characters speaking on screen. This is best achieved by spotting and translating a film at the same time. A full translation of the dialogues prior to spotting (or time stamping) is therefore rarely recommended.

I produce my subtitles with professional subtitling software (output PC and Mac compatible).

YOUR ADVANTAGE: Personalized subtitling advice and follow-up with live “simulation” to check subtitles for accuracy. Changes are incorporated within 24 hours before transferring the file to the company burning in the subtitles.

About me

I am a freelance translator graduated from DOZ (now IUED); holder of a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics (The Open University, 2010) and a certificate in creative writing (2010). I specialize in subtitling and transcription, tourism, finance, contracts and articles of association (further training at FTI, 2012). I am a native speaker of English and German (including Swiss German dialects), with French and Spanish as passive languages. I am also a qualified TEFL teacher.

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My translations services cover the following language pairs:

- English to German
- German to English
- French to German
- French to English
- Spanish to German
- Spanish to English